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The RMB Gains Currency

The NeuGroup and Standard Chartered Bank partner to offer roundtable sessions on topics most relevant to RMB internationalization.

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New Regulations Will Force Managers to Get Creative

New regulations will push companies to look for new ways to manage their cash in the time-honored fashion of maintaining liquidity, safety and a decent yield.

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The Changing Global Tax Landscape

Audit intensity is likely to increase as global tax authorities look to drum up revenue; companies must take precautionary steps.

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Getting Cash Right
July 02, 2015 Cash & Working Capital

Getting Cash Right

Although they’re in the ballpark, companies still struggle with cash forecasting. Automation still a ways off.

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In Wake of NIRP/ZIRP and Basel III:  Down is Up and Up is Down
June 15, 2015 Treasury Management

In Wake of NIRP/ZIRP and Basel III: Down is Up and Up is Down

How market conditions compounded by regulation changes are changing the banking industry and balance of power between corporates and banks in their cash management relationship.

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Running a Best-in-Class Treasury in LatAm

Latin America presents no shortage of challenges.

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Is Supply Chain Finance Worth the Effort?

Supply chain finance (SCF) programs get a lot of airtime, but according to a recent survey of The NeuGroup's Assistant Treasurers' Group of Thirty, most programs are described as only "moderately successful." Thirty percent of members also cite a number of reasons they don't even get past first base, including dissension across departments, a belief firms already accomplish SCF goals internally and they don't see the benefit versus the cost.

 Is Supply Chain Finance Worth It



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