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Reading the Treasury Tea Leaves: A Year of Change in China

Despite a pause in 2015, China will continue to be a major force in the global economy in 2016 and beyond.

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Cash Is No Longer King

In 2016, treasury managers will continue the journey of adjusting to the new paradigm.

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The Treasurer's Role in Shaping Better Balance Sheets

A big trend making treasury a “more strategic” function is its increasing role in capital structure.

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SWIFT Looks to Make Payments Swifter
February 12, 2016 Cash & Working Capital

SWIFT Looks to Make Payments Swifter

Financial messaging service making progress with initiative to make cross-border payments faster, more secure and compliant.

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Embedded Derivatives: From Irritant to Major Concern
February 11, 2016 Accounting & Disclosure

Embedded Derivatives: From Irritant to Major Concern

Embedded derivatives are coming back to haunt many treasurers due to the strength of the US dollar and general FX market volatility.

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On the Path to Operational Efficiency

Centralization, Pooling, Efficiency Create New Challenges .

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Tools in the Toolkit

Companies in the The NeuGroup's Global Cash and Banking Group are using a wide variety of strategies to get the job done. Treasury's Strategies 

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