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How to Make Reg Compliance Less of a Nightmare

Cascading regulatory mandates are quickly turning basic treasury operations into a nightmare. Here are three steps that can help.

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Technology and Tools Elevate Treasury, Motivate Staff

A look at how technology can make treasurers more strategic.

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More Russian Sanctions Threaten Derivatives Markets

Already hedgers have moved to offshore NDFs; further sanctions could affect more instruments.

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Regulatory Watch: The Dean of Dissent: O’Malia at the CFTC
Regulatory Watch:

The Dean of Dissent: O’Malia at the CFTC

The commissioner just wanted rule-making done right, not rushed.

July 24, 2014
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This Month in iTreasurer:

The Path to the Treasurer’s Role

The Path to the Treasurer’s Role

Is it better to go out and learn the business or stay put and become a treasury expert?

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  • To RMB or Not to RMB

    With China’s economy creeping toward world’s largest, is it time for more investors to invest cash there?

  • Trade Receivables ABS Gain as Funding Too

    There’s a growing market enabling companies in a variety of industries to monetize their receivables and relieve pressure on working capital.

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A Fitter FX Program 

for the New Market Environment

Tech Treasury Discussion  

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Treasury Employee Development Programs Work

Treasury requires specialized skills and is typically a small group, making rotations in and out of the department more challenging. Participants of a roundtable at a May meeting of The NeuGroup's Assistant Treasurers' Group of Thirty pointed out that providing rotational opportunities and regular development talks help to keep employees engaged and communications open. Most companies in the AT30 have a formal or informal program.
development programs  

Source: The NeuGroup, AT30 Meeting Materials, 2014

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