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DTCC Repo Market Is a Diversification Opportunity

Settlement house’s program could be short-term funding source for corporates.

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Real Time Is Getting Real

The pace of change in banking and technology is faster than ever before, and banks like HSBC and fintechs are teaming up.

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Featured Articles:

  • Treasury Technology July 27, 2018

    ERP Specialist Broadens Its Horizons

    Rebranded as Serrala Services, e5 sees the cloud opening up options for treasury. 

    Corporate treasury departments' relationship with technology is a complicated one.

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  • Treasury & Taxation July 27, 2018

    Proposed Regs Favorably Affecting Foreign Currency Hedging Transactions

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the way companies use the GILTI regime, which will now require non-Subpart F income to be taxed currently but at a lower rate than regular income. 

    US shareholders of controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) have to include certain forms of passive income in their taxable income.

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  • Treasury Technology July 27, 2018

    The SAP Menu: Select Flavor, Add Toppings

    Dublin conference showcases variety of paths offered by SAP. Sidecars, anyone?

    Dublin showed off its sunniest Irish disposition in early July during the International SAP Conference for Treasury Management. Read More

  • In This Issue July 27, 2018

    Tax Reform Still a Hard Nut to Crack

  • Capital Markets July 27, 2018

    Repurchases Get the Nod

    Treasury and tax have a “spaghetti bowl” of tax issues to untangle, but most of the money will go toward share repurchases and paying down debt. 

    The new tax rules made into law at the end of 2017 promise to keep tax and treasury departments busy over the next few years. That's because guidance on how to apply the hastily produced law will arrive only in incremental fashion.

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  • Treasury & Taxation June 26, 2018

    With US Tax Reform Companies Look for Leaks

    Tax reform will have many MNC treasuries reexamining their tax structures to minimize the small leaks that can add up.

    US tax reform policies can affect a multinational's subsidiary and debt structure, capex, optimal cash level, cash distribution to shareholders—the treasury laundry list seems endless. Read More

  • Reports June 26, 2018

    Rising Commodity Prices and Treasury’s Role In Managing Risk with Help from Technology

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