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How to Make Reg Compliance Less of a Nightmare

Cascading regulatory mandates are quickly turning basic treasury operations into a nightmare. Here are three steps that can help.

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Technology and Tools Elevate Treasury, Motivate Staff

A look at how technology can make treasurers more strategic.

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More Russian Sanctions Threaten Derivatives Markets

Already hedgers have moved to offshore NDFs; further sanctions could affect more instruments.

Latest Intelligence:

  • Capital Markets August 21, 2014

    SEC Cracks Down on Private Placements

    Gives investors a list of red flags to identify fraudulent transactions.

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission recently issued an “investor alert” designed to help investors identify potentially fraudulent private placements. The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy gave the following list of red flags (courtesy of a note by David Kravitz of Katten Munchin Rosenman LLP): Read More

  • Capital Markets August 20, 2014

    ATM Programs May Be Too Much of a Good Thing

    BDCs may feel compelled to put too much money to work in risky ventures.

    At the money (ATM) programs, which opportunistically tap the markets on an ongoing basis to take advantage of favorable borrowing opportunities, may hold the seeds of their issuers’ demise. Fitch Ratings says that business development corporations (BDCs) may be prompted by cheap funding to take outsized risks – upending the balance between cost of... Read More

  • Investment Management August 19, 2014

    Portfolio Systems Must Do Risk Right

    NeuGroup TIMPG members discuss portfolio systems. Bloomberg analystics stands out. 

    The credit crisis has created a much greater demand for external portfolio systems. The question is, have the vendors been able to keep up? In a recent NeuGroup Treasury Investment Managers’ Peer Group discussion, members explored ways to get their arms around portfolio data and whether external system measure up.

    Read More

  • Regulatory Watch August 19, 2014

    Trouble in Regulatory Paradise

  • Software & Systems August 15, 2014

    Making Spreadsheets for FX Multidimensional

    Spreadsheets are effective but sometimes they need more dimension. Enter AtlasFX. 

    A perennial problem with treasury activities is that they often become wholly reliant on spreadsheets. FX management is no exception. The problem with spreadsheets for foreign exchange is that they are great for the small amounts of data they were designed to manage, but, while flexible enough to accommodate more, they do not offer... Read More

  • Risk Management August 14, 2014

    Counterparties. What's Your Policy?

    Some companies are formalizing their policies aimed at managing counterparties. 

    Measuring counterparty risk and exposure can be challenging. As has been noted in the press, it is going on five years after the financial crisis and many companies and banks are still falling short when it comes to assessing risk from counterparties.

    Read More

  • Cash & Working Capital August 13, 2014

    Keeping the Portfolio on Its Toes Ahead of a Rate Rise

    Don’t let the so far empty threats of a rate rise lead to portfolio complacency.

    Although the threat of rising rates has so far proved hollow, companies haven't been lulled into complacency. Many have been diligently adjusting their portfolios to be ready for any eventuality. If your company has been lulled, however, here are a few ideas from the The NeuGroup’s Tech20 Treasurers’ Peer Group meeting, whose... Read More

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