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Will Liquidity Be a Problem for Bond Markets When Rates Rise?

Growing concerns about constraints on fixed-income market liquidity should prompt contingency planning by treasurers.


Corporates Help Banks Seeking Higher Loan Tiers

Several factors prompt banks to push for more of the corporate wallet.

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TMS and the Curse of Limited Resources

TMSs are still relevant and top of mind for treasurers because they remain keys to efficiency as resources dry up.

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    China Launches RMB-Boosting Initiatives

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    Top Drivers of a POBO/COBO Strategy

    Download this article   More companies are moving to streamline their payments and collections with on behalf of structures. And a recent survey revealed that Nearly 100% of firms report that visibility, control over bank accounts and associated cash, and

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    Bitcoin Ready for Primetime?

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    Banks Still Feeling Their Way on Product Offerings

    The introduction of Basel III spelled the end of banking as companies know it, or so they were told.  

    With the introduction of Basel III rules, particularly the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR), many banks began threatening to shed product lines and in some cases, their clients with them. But nothing is set in stone, as many treasurers are finding out. One day lockbox is out, the next day it’s in.

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    Paying the Little Guys Getting Easier

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    Selling Management on Portfolio Changes

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    Banks Help FX Managers Lock in Rates

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