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Choosing the Right LatAm KPIs

Selecting key performance indicators is critical for successful Latin American treasury operations.

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OECD BEPS Action Plan Needs Reaction

The OECD is getting very serious about what it sees as tax avoidance by MNCs.

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In-House Banks: Connections and Decisions

Evaluating IHBs in context of alternative pooling, netting and intercompany lending structures.

Latest Intelligence:

  • Regulatory Watch March 30, 2015

    New MMF Rules Not So Onerous

  • Regulatory Watch March 26, 2015

    SEFs Losing Favor?

    Drop in cleared swap volume raises questions about SEF marketplace.

    The notional volume of cleared interest-rate swaps (IRS) dropped significantly in 2015 through mid-March while the volume of uncleared swaps nudged up, perhaps indicating growing disfavor with the new swap-trading infrastructure introduced in the wake of the financial crisis. Read More

  • Treasury Management March 24, 2015

    Measuring to Get It Done

    Treasurers need to be able to measure performance on a wide scale in order to maintain efficiency.

    It’s a popular refrain in treasury: “What gets measured gets done.” And getting it done is important for ensuring the efficiency of the operation and to highlight the value of treasury. This requires treasury leaders to not only measure for the purpose of efficiency, but also for marketing.

    Read More

  • Regulatory Watch March 23, 2015

    NDF Clearing Mandate Settling In on Back Burner

    NDF clearing mandate is off the table, for now; clearing for currency options even further out. 

    Confronted with continued delays in mandated non-deliverable forward clearing in Europe, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has turned its attention away from the Dodd-Frank Act’s NDF clearing mandate, which means that the swap execution facility (SEF) trading mandate for NDFs is also delayed (see related story... Read More

  • Software & Systems March 20, 2015

    Market Still Wide Open for Good TMS

    Treasury Strategies survey says Excel, bank platforms still used extensively. 

    There’s still a big market out there for providers of corporate treasury management systems (TMSs). Most corporate treasuries continue to use Excel as their primary technology tool, nearly 50 percent don’t use any kind of treasury management system, and more than 70 percent primarily use bank online platforms to conduct treasury... Read More

  • Risk Management March 19, 2015

    Climate Conducive for UN Disaster Risk Proposal

    The push to have companies include disaster risks in their financial statements is gaining momentum. The United Nations is sponsoring the effort as evidence mounts that climate change will begin impacting businesses’ bottom lines sooner rather than later. 

    Read More

  • Latest Intelligence March 17, 2015

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