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Making Spreadsheets for FX Multidimensional

Spreadsheets are effective but sometimes they need more dimension. Enter AtlasFX.

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Trade Receivables ABS Gain as Funding Tool

There’s a growing market enabling companies in a variety of industries to monetize their receivables and relieve pressure on working capital.

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SAP Conference for Treasury Management 2014

Chicago, IL, 21-23 October 2014.

Latest Intelligence:

  • Investment Management September 16, 2014

    Liquidity Coverage Ratio Will Make ABCP More Expensive

    Fitch says expect increased facility fees, but credit will be stable.

    Fitch says the final version of the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) rules will make asset backed commercial paper (ABCP) programs more expensive for the companies that use them to manage receivables, but that the rules will not have an appreciable effect on the facilities credit. Read More

  • Regulatory Watch September 15, 2014

    New SEC Rules to Help Eliminate Ratings Conflicts of Interest

    Investors will have more power to challenge bad ratings.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission issued rules in late August ago to implement the Dodd-Frank Act requirement that rating agencies have policies and procedures for conducting a “look-back” review to determine whether the prospect of future employment by an issuer or underwriter influenced a credit analyst in determining a credit rating. If such influence... Read More

  • Capital Markets September 12, 2014

    CRE Refinancings Could Point to Rate Rise

    Defeasance jump points to healthier CRE market but also to rising rates.

    August saw a major jump in corporate borrowers refinancing their properties, an indication of the US commercial real estate (CRE) market’s health as well as elevated concerns that interest-rates may soon rise.

    Read More

  • Global Treasury September 10, 2014

    Smoothing the Way for an Effective Supply Chain

  • Country-Level Treasury September 9, 2014

    Caledonia Chaos Restricted to FX: Markit

    So far it’s only FX getting buffeted by the Scottish Independence vote and the possibility of a split. 

    The Scottish independence movement got a big boost this weekend when a YouGov poll put the Yes vote ahead of a No vote. While a split would have wide-reaching implications, investors have been mostly sanguine about it. That is with the exception of the FX market, where the British pound has been, well, pounded.... Read More

  • Regulatory Watch September 9, 2014

    DTCC to Propose Repo Fire Sale Solution

    The tri-party repurchase agreement market has undergone significant reform, and shifting clearing to an industry utility should further reduce concerns. 

    The tri-party repurchase agreement (repo) market’s volume has fallen precipitously since 2012. Corporates have only tiptoed into the U.S. repo market, but reform measures underway as well as a major proposal to reduce repo fire-sale risk may pick up their pace.

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  • Treasury Management September 5, 2014

    No Let-Up to Treasury's Challenges

    Rapid international business growth and treasury’s challenges to keep pace. Upcoming conference to discuss. 

    For treasury to keep up with business growth in a rapidly expanding enterprise is a big task on any day; when the company’s advance is international, the challenges multiply very quickly.

    Read More

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