Asia Currencies

Managing Operations in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets for some time have become a critical part of multinationals’ business mix and growth strategy.

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Proposed Tax Rules a Case of Shock and Awful?

The US Treasury's new tax proposals proved the old adage that the devil—or in this case Section 385—was in the details.

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Fraud Helps Drive Payments Efficiency

Payments standardization and centralization important but reducing risk is also driving change.

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  • Investment Management August 26, 2016

    Widening Spreads Salvation for Prime MMFs?

  • Accounting & Disclosure August 25, 2016

    Effective Interco Accounting Frameworks Elusive

  • Global Treasury August 23, 2016

    Planning for Financing's Unforeseen Circs

    Treasurers need to have all their financing ducks lined up ahead of a strategic transaction.

    For treasurers planning on financing for strategic transactions one of the first orders of business is to cast a wide net. That’s because building in contingencies for the use of financing proceeds can help avoid having to turn to capital markets both to take out a bridge and raise subsequent capital for a recap.

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  • Cash & Working Capital August 19, 2016

    With Negative Interest Rates Be Proactive

  • Risk Management August 18, 2016

    S&P: After Corporate Debt Binge Watch Out for Crexit

    Credit deterioration could be in the cards for profligate companies. 

    Companies issuing lower rated debt may want to consider the risk of a “crexit,” in which credit providers in the newly shaped debt markets flee the riskier debt of companies that have added record levels of leverage to their balance sheets.

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  • Cash & Working Capital August 16, 2016

    Corporate Cash Piles Growing Faster

  • Treasury Management August 12, 2016

    Ratings as a Concept Is in Flux

    Ratings agencies are overhauling their methodologies; while they’re at now is a good time to take a look at financial policies. 

    It’s the equivalent of Groucho Marx and his observation that he wouldn’t want to belong a club that had him as a member. So it is with treasurers and ratings agencies: if you are happy with your rating, then there must be something wrong.

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