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5 Cash Management Initiatives for 2015

Special Report in conjunction with Deutsche Bank outlines what you need to being doing with cash in 2015.

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Trade Receivables ABS Gain as Funding Tool

There’s a growing market enabling companies in a variety of industries to monetize their receivables and relieve pressure on working capital.

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EuroFinance Managing Rapid International Growth

December 8 – 9, 2014, San Francisco, CA

Latest Intelligence:

  • Regulatory Watch October 24, 2014

    Attrition Could Thin Ranks of FX Dealers: Report

    Trend toward trading volume consolidation could have impact on corporate FX transactions. 

    The largest global FX dealers are slowly gobbling up market share, according to a report from Greenwich Associates. The reason is that it is getting more and more expensive to stay in the market, as dealers find themselves an escalating environment when it comes to technology. So, in the immortal words of Grand Master Flash,... Read More

  • Emerging Markets October 23, 2014

    Fight China Pilot Fatigue with Bolder Asks

    A series of meetings in China suggest bolder action by MNCs to improve cash management through pilot programs. 

    The ability to implement liquidity management solutions to ease moving cash in and out of China continues to improve—even if not at the pace and with the consensus certainty that everyone would like. That’s one of the major takeaways from conversations The NeuGroup had in China last week with bankers, Asia... Read More

  • Conferences October 22, 2014

    Navigating Through Disruption

    Disruption was the theme at EuroFinance Budapest, but also back to basics. 

    Disruption in its various guises was the overarching theme of the 23rd annual EuroFinance International Cash and Treasury Management conference, which took place in Budapest, Hungary on October 15-17.

    Read More

  • Treasury Management October 21, 2014

    Something's Got to Give

    Can T30 members continue to balance post-crisis challenges while meeting activist demands?

    Capital allocation-related projects, especially increases to share buybacks and dividend payouts forced by activists, dominated The NeuGroup’s Treasurers’ Group of Thirty (T30) meeting in early October. Adding to these pressures, members said, has been the constraint on liquid capital created by US tax rules that impedes US corporates from... Read More

  • Investment Management October 21, 2014

    New Index Offers Better View of Yuan Bonds

    Western MNCs have shied away from the opaque dim sum market, but a new index offers a clearer view.

    With demand for offshore RMB bonds surging in the few years, investors are looking for ways to get exposure to China and its currency. To capture this trend, information services provider Markit, partnering with Hang Seng Indexes Company, on Monday launched the Hang Seng Markit iBoxx Offshore Bond Index (HSM iBoxx).... Read More

  • Pension Management October 17, 2014

    Pension Transfers Gaining

    The argument for transfers to insurers just keeps gaining strength.

    Two more large corporations have decided to transfer their pension plans and the attendant obligations to a major life insurance company, a move that has become increasingly popular in the wake of accounting, regulatory changes, and volatile securities markets. Read More

  • Risk Management October 17, 2014

    European Junk Investors Get the Vapors

    Fitch says institutions are worried about refinancing risks as spreads widen. 

    European investors are increasingly worried about high-yield issuers’ refinancing risk, according to Fitch’s third-quarter investor survey. The rating firm found that 36 percent of fixed income investors with a total of EUR7.1 trillion of assets under management said high-yield issuers face the biggest challenges over the next 12... Read More

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