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5 Cash Management Initiatives for 2015

Special Report in conjunction with Deutsche Bank outlines what you need to being doing with cash in 2015.

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Trade Receivables ABS Gain as Funding Tool

There’s a growing market enabling companies in a variety of industries to monetize their receivables and relieve pressure on working capital.

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Treasury’s Role in a Growing Enterprise

What are the key steps in building an international treasury to support an expanding company?

Latest Intelligence:

  • Treasury & Taxation December 19, 2014

    Leaks Push EU Tax Reform to Fore

    OECD’s more measured approach continues to tick along in the background.

    Eighteen months after the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development issued an action plan to keep companies from arbitraging tax jurisdictions to dodge taxes, a similar but more politically charged effort is gaining steam within the European Union. 

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  • Treasury Management December 18, 2014

    Surplus Cash Will Fuel M&A in 2015

    KPMG: Abundant cash to drive M&A increases next year; techs the target. 

    Companies foresee putting their abundant cash to use in 2015 to pursue more mergers and acquisitions as they search for growth, according to recently released survey by KPMG.

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  • Banking Relations December 17, 2014

    RBS Stays Committed to Global Transaction Services

    After managing through the crisis, RBS remains a UK-focused bank with an all-important international network. 

    Speaking recently with RBS’s Carole Berndt, Head of Global Transaction Services, and Paul Thwaite, Head of Global Transaction Services, Americas, we gained insight into the continued importance of global transaction services to corporate clients and how it remains a core strategic commitment following the... Read More

  • Capital Markets December 16, 2014

    Quick Rate Uptick Would Hurt Credit Quality

    If rates were to pop up significantly over the next year hundreds of companies’ credit quality would take a dive. That’s according to rating agency Standard & Poor’s. Using its basic financial risk methodology, S&P analyzed 10,100 companies’ financials and found that an immediate rate hike of 4 percent to 6 percent, which it... Read More

  • Treasury & Taxation December 16, 2014

    Opponents Up Efforts to Sideline Transaction Tax

    EU financial sector hires PwC to sound alarm over financial transaction tax. 

    The decision by 11 European Union countries to levy a financial transaction tax starting in 2016 continues to draw fire from the financial industry.

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  • Treasury Management December 12, 2014

    Conference Report: FX and Other Treasury Lessons

    When it comes to managing currency exposures and hedging, FX managers need to take into consideration business models, geographical footprint and financial profile like gross margin and off- vs. onshore cash levels. This was just one of the takeaways from a recent FX panel discussion at EuroFinance’s launch of... Read More

  • Banking Relations December 11, 2014

    Cromnibus Bill Could Make Hedging Cheaper

    By getting rid of Dodd-Frank’s Section 716, companies could hold the line on hedge costs. 

    The latest spending bill from the US government, also known as the Cromnibus bill, could include a little good news for corporate hedgers. That’s because Section 716 of the Dodd-Frank Act, which bans FDIC-insured swap entities from undertaking... Read More

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