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The RMB Gains Currency

The NeuGroup and Standard Chartered Bank partner to offer roundtable sessions on topics most relevant to RMB internationalization.

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New Regulations Will Force Managers to Get Creative

New regulations will push companies to look for new ways to manage their cash in the time-honored fashion of maintaining liquidity, safety and a decent yield.

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The Changing Global Tax Landscape

Audit intensity is likely to increase as global tax authorities look to drum up revenue; companies must take precautionary steps.

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    Getting Cash Right

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    Beware Timing Mismatch in Hedge Program

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    US Corporates Driving Debt Issuance Surge

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    Staying Flexible, Strategic with FX Policy and the Buck

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    Identifying Company Risk Goes Up the Chain and Down

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    FASB Could Make Hedging Accounting Easier

  • Risk Management June 19, 2015

    Strong Dollar Still Toxic as Ever to Earnings

    FiREapps says US-based global companies continue to get hit by a strong USD. 

    Dollar strength hits to US and European multinational earnings reports is as bad as it was during the euro crisis, according to a report from currency analytics company FiREapps. Read More

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