Asia Currencies

Managing Operations in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets for some time have become a critical part of multinationals’ business mix and growth strategy.

Gov regs62

Proposed Tax Rules a Case of Shock and Awful?

The US Treasury's new tax proposals proved the old adage that the devil—or in this case Section 385—was in the details.

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    US Corporates Exploiting Global Low Rates

  • Investment Management September 22, 2016

    Curve Trend Yields Cheap Funding for Longer

    Funding opportunities sweeten as yield curve steepens at the short end and flattens further out.

    The yield curve has been flattening at the long end for some time, but this year and especially the last few months the short end has steepen significantly, too. This is a trend that can provide opportunities for corporate treasuries, and insight into their priorities, both for liabilities and assets.

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    Low Rates Help MNCs Fill Pension Gaps

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    The Mixed Up World of Managing Cash

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    The New “Prime” Directive

  • Risk Management September 13, 2016

    How a Cyber Event is Disclosed Matters to Treasury

  • Capital Markets September 8, 2016

    Flush Corporates Look to Harness Future Low Rates

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