That Ol’ Share-of-Wallet Issue

NeuGroup’s Assistant Treasurers’ Leadership Group tackles managing banks and the corporate wallet.

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Libor to SOFR Switch Will Be Challenging

Response to CME’s SOFR futures contracts may provide early signal.

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Featured Articles:

  • Capital Markets August 14, 2019

    In Search of an Activist-Warning Threshold

    At what cash level does an activist take an interest in your company?

    When corporate cash reaches 10% of a company’s market capitalization, has it arrived at a level that attracts activist investors?

    Read More

  • Risk Management August 14, 2019

    Balancing CFar and EaR in Order to Optimize FX Hedges

    Bloomberg launches dynamic FX hedging model tested by Constellation.

    After a successful pilot with Constellation Brands, Bloomberg is offering a sophisticated approach to managing foreign-exchange (FX) risk. Read More

  • Cash & Working Capital August 14, 2019

    Incredible Hulk-Bruce Banner Nature of Life Sciences

    Treasurers grapple with capital allocation issues as cash flows wax and wane with drug approvals, expiring patents and other ups and downs.

    There’s nothing like dramatic stock price moves to illustrate the feast or famine nature of revenue and cash flow at life sciences companies, which live or die by the success or failure of clinical trials for drugs and devices. Read More

  • In This Issue August 14, 2019

    New Name, Same Mission

  • Accounting & Disclosure August 14, 2019

    With CECL, FASB Wants Bad Things Recognized Before They Happen

    God forbid you should wait for credit losses to actually happen! 

    Banks have long bemoaned FASB’s Financial Instruments-Credit Losses standard (Topic 326) for an obvious reason: The standard’s “current expected credit loss” (CECL) guidance impairs assets and requires banks to set aside more capital as a buffer.

    Read More

  • Risk Management July 3, 2019

    Reassessing Risk as Fed Contemplates Rate Cuts

    Many—but not all—corporate cash investors remain risk averse amid shifts in interest-rate outlook, repatriation flows.  

    Investing short-duration cash isn't getting any easier

    Read More

  • Cash & Working Capital July 3, 2019

    Pushing Trade Finance Past the Top Tier

    Bank initiative could reduce financial constraints in corporate supply chains.

    Large multinational companies may soon find their commercial customers and suppliers flush with capital, potentially increasing demand for their products and reducing payment frictions Read More

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